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Life is an Adventure

I am an innovative software engineer with a passion for adopting strong coding principles and practices to create quality software. I enjoy taking full advantage of new learning opportunities, and furthering my professional experience.

Current Position:
Software Engineer
New Relic

Continuously improving user interface for customers ability to manage thier data retention

ACT-W Presentation

I have been a presenter at ACT-W ( event for women to get more engaged and involved in the tech industry for the last two years. My most recent was an Introduction to React followed by a 2 hour live coding workshop where my attendants followed along while I created a react application explaining key concepts. My second talk emphasized the importance of person branding and how to get started with Github pages. This training course consisted of helping those learn the ins and outs of Github, hosting, domains, and creating a web presence very easily.

Senior Capstone Project
Oregon State University

Conducted and managed usability testing on Puppet Lab’s community engagement page: Puppet Forge. Analyzed user feedback, produced wireframes, and implemented user-centered design. Improved design information architecture, navigation, and process flows into easy to use solutions.

Oregon State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Buisness

Why You Should Hire Me

I bring something new to a team
that is more than just a resumé.

  • I am Technically Capable

    I get excited about technical challenges. I know that I can pull from what I know, tweak, and apply to the new.

  • I am Driven

    When I want something, I make it happen. I have passion for technology. I am motivated to work hard to deliver projects I can be proud of.

  • I Care

    I'm involved with movements outside of work. I teach workshops during conferences. I try to get others as excited about tech as I am.

  • I Teach

    I share my knowledge. From into to react camps to "How to Create a Personal Website," I enjoy passing on what I know and growing the tech community

  • I Deliver

    Results matter. I am dedicated to deadlines and following through on deliverables.

Want To Work Together?

Feel free to reach out and contact me.