Sonja Olson Sonja Olson | Software Engineer World Explorer

Life is an Adventure

I am an innovative software engineer with a passion for adopting strong coding principles and practices to create quality software. I enjoy taking full advantage of new learning opportunities, and furthering my professional experience.

Why You Should Hire Me

I bring something new to a team
that is more than just a resumé.

  • I am Technically Capable

    I get excited about technical challenges. I know that I can pull from what I know, tweak, and apply to the new.

  • I am Driven

    When I want something, I make it happen. I have passion for technology. I am motivated to work hard to deliver projects I can be proud of.

  • I Care

    I'm involved with movements outside of work. I teach workshops during conferences. I try to get others as excited about tech as I am.

  • I Teach

    I share my knowledge. From into to react camps to "How to Create a Personal Website," I enjoy passing on what I know and growing the tech community

  • I Deliver

    Results matter. I am dedicated to deadlines and following through on deliverables.

Want To Work Together?

Feel free to reach out and contact me.